AAMD 42nd Annual Meeting

2017 Plan Study

The 2017 AAMD Plan Study is now open! Get all the details and submit your plan by June 2, 2017.
Note that login will be required. If you don't already have a ProKnow account, it's free to set one up. Just follow the instructions and start your planning!

**All participants who submit a plan will be entered into a random drawing for a FREE 2018 AAMD Membership (up to $200 value) or a One-Year ProKnow CAP (Contouring Accuracy Program) Subscription (up to $360 value).**

The AAMD 42nd Annual Meeting will mark yet another exciting leap forward in the AAMD Plan Study. Now that the ProKnow cloud-based system exists, it means that the selection, design and presentation of all future AAMD plan studies can finally be handed off to ambitious leaders within the AAMD community. We are pleased to announce that the 2017 study will be led by none other than our very own Chris Gainer, who has come up with a unique case study with lots of potential for learning and sharing of best practices.

Below is some general info about the 2017 study.


Clinical Leader

Chris Gainer, BS, CMD, RT(R)(T)

Case Study

Massive skin cancer of the left ear and neck with positive lymph nodes


Everybody around the world is invited to participate. As always the study is free, anonymous, and not limited to any specific region, clinical role, or membership status.

Modalities Accepted

Any/all (photon, electron, proton, mixed modality, etc.)

Plan Study Technology

ProKnow Systems (www.proknowsystems.com)

Study Start

May 2017

Data Collection Phase

4 weeks

Results Presentation

June 2017 at the AAMD 42nd Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN